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The twenty rules of chandeliers

Chandelier is an unknown soldier in your home decoration despite it has a great importance, it is not only a source of illumination or aesthetic touch for your home but also has a major effect on psychological comfort.
So How can you choose the right chandelier for your home and what are the rules you should follow when choosing it?

Here’re the twenty rules of chandeliers from Enarat :

1) Make your chandelier in the center of your room to grab attention and provide lighting throughout the room.

2) You should consider the style and taste your room decoration when you buy chandeliers, If the decoration is modern must be chosen a chandelier of the same decoration or similar style such as the country, for example and so on.

3) If you choose enormous chandelier in small room, it will have extra brightness than it should, cause insomnia and that will make the space looks smaller, at the same time using a chandelier size smaller than the size of your room causes an imbalance and the chandelier will not appear in the middle of the room.

4) Decorate classic room with a crystal chandelier, on the other hand, use metal or copper chandelier in modern room.

5) Put the priority for quality when you buy chandeliers and bulbs if you want to add an aesthetic touch, ensure a greater default life and get proper lighting with family lifestyle.

6) Focus on the type and function of your room, you should use a chandelier with a larger number of bulbs in the living room because its lighting is strong and provides a sense of activity and vitality for the family atmosphere and daily activity but not suitable for the bedroom because it causes insomnia and psychological discomfort.

7) The best choice for the modern and creative lighting in your kitchen is contemporary chandelier especially with wood material.

8) Go several with medium size chandeliers which is between 40 and 60 cm in diameter as a main lighting unit in the center of ceiling, in addition to table lamps and wall lamps in small rooms.

9) Ensure that the chandelier in the dining room is in the middle of the dining table, also it’s better to use liner chandelier or two traditional chandeliers.


10) Hang the chandelier in dining room approximately 75:85 CM above table to make the light suits food time and family atmosphere

11) In reception room, You shouldn’t hang the chandelier very high especially in high ceiling to attract your guests and provide an excellent lighting.

12) Create a creative space in your kids room by using colorful and spontaneous chandelier to make them spend longer time happily.

13) In living room, Put the chandelier in the center of the main table to give you an equal light and a charming touch in your room decoration.

14) Use Led bulbs that save electricity and generate less heat in addition to it has longer default age.

15) Provide your chandeliers with dimmers to have flexible lighting in your home by controlling in light levels because the intensity of the lighting you will need when you study is different from when you sleep and so on.

16) The color of the walls should be taken into account when chandeliers are selected, If you use very dark colors that will weaken the lighting of the chandelier so you will have to use various lighting units and distributed throughout the room by using a relatively large chandelier, floor lamps and table lamps.

17) If you don’t prefer to show the chain of the chandelier and you want stylish appearance, you can decorate it by fabric which should be twice as long as the chain to use it as a cover for the chain from the outside.

18) To focus on a particular part of your room, you should hang pendent chandelier especially in places like study desk.

19) When you decorate your room with more than one chandelier, you should use one material of chandeliers in one room to give an aesthetic touch and be combined with the chandelier style and its design

20) to clean the chandelier especially crystal and cooper material, use a cotton cloth with a little amount of white vinegar and clean it once or twice a year and be aware when you have gold plated chandeliers, do not expose them to weather and dust to make them live longer.

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