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5 Ideas to control your home lighting

5- Ideas- to -control -your -home-lighting

You can control your home lighting with one Press on a button or single touch on your smart phone, Do you realize that?

Need to control your home lighting? want to change the mood of your room in an instant?

Here are 5 ideas from Enarat to control your home lighting:

(1) Manual Switches:

It’s the easiest and most commonly used way to control your home lighting using two types of manual Switches:

1. On / Off Switches:

It’s two-way switch which you can control the power on or off of individual lighting units or all the lighting units of a particular room at the same time.

2- Dimmers switches:


They reduce lighting intensity levels according to the time and function.

For example : you can use dimmers to reduce the intensity levels of lighting at a certain time before bedtime or use it to make a romantic atmosphere
on the other hand you can increase light intensity levels at other times, such as reading time or watching television with your family.

Dimmers help to create the right atmosphere for the room according to your desire and reduces the consumption of electricity and increases the life of the default lighting units.

(2) Timer switches:

Timer switches can be the best choice for you if you or anyone in your family often turn lights off after leaving a room.

Timer light switches won’t need a great effort from you ,you will just replace the standard switch with the timer switch in the same electrical box.

They make lighting units turn on in specific times and turn off in another times, also they can increase safety by allowing light to turn on and off , so they give an appearance that someone is in home while you are away.

The timer switches either mechanical or electronic are scheduled on a 24-hour or 7-day basis or a certain number of days or even a full year, some of them are scheduled according seasonal changes in the number of daylight hours.

there are two types of timer switches:

1- Plug-In Timers:

– They make all lighting units turn on and off in the same time daily.
– They also provide a key enables home owners to turn on or off the lighting units when they need.

2- 24- Hour Programmable Timers:

You can optimize different daily schedule every day.

For Example: On Monday you can optimize the timer switch to make light turns on at 6:20 pm and turns off at 9:30 Pm, but on Tuesday you can make it turns light on at 7:50 pm and turns off at 11:55 pm, So each day can be different from another days.

(3) Occupancy Sensor Lighting Controls:


Do you want your lights automatically turn on when you enter the room and turn off when you’re outside?

-Occupancy Sensors turning lights on when movement is detected, and off when the room is unoccupied or for a predetermined period of time by the sensor.
-Some companies produce sensors that can be turned off manually for people who sit inside the room for a long time without any movements.
– we use occupancy sensors with bulbs that don’t damaged by repeating conversion ( ON/OFF )
like fast-start Fluorescent lamps.
– Although these sensors reduce the lifetime of lamps, but this decrease in is a little if compared to the energy savings achieved.

(4) Momentary contact switches :

They use to turn on the light when the door is open, like the way of refrigerator doors work, when the door closes, the light turns off.
The disadvantage of this method is that it doesn’t save energy,
If you or your children forgot to close the door of any room after leaving, the light will continue.

( 5) Remote control system:

With single touch on your smart phone or tablet when you’re inside or outside home, you can control the whole lighting units in your home and even your home electrical devices through the remote control system.

This system can control the manual switches and dimmers in home and change the light intensity levels that previously set up.

These systems need complex wire connections, so they should be chosen for new homes.
In case of renovation, they need to be dug in the walls, which increases the financial cost.

If you want to control the light intensity levels and colors without the need of drilling and many electrical works, you can use smart LED lighting by purchasing LED bulbs with more than one light color with dimmer to control the light intensity levels.

Enarat helps you to choose your lighting units from a collection of various products that cover all your needs and suit your style. It also provides you with free delivery and installation services, as well as redeeming the unit within 14 days if you found any defects in to have the best possible purchase experience.